EmeraldDragun Studios is making movies! 

I have been fortunate enough to have two of my short screenplays selected to be made into short films. The first will “Caffeinated Psycho” which is a comedy set in a coffee shop. It was selected as part of the LOL Challenge by the Orlando Independent Filmmakers (OIF) and is in pre-production now with shooting TBD.

The second screenplay is “Thalon.” This story is about a cop on the run for a series of murders he didn’t commit and he seeks refuge from a man he once loved but who now doesn’t trust him. All while a ruthless bounty hunter is hot on his heels.

This one is also in pre-production and begins shooting June 24. The cast is locked in, the crew is assembled and Director Mace Walker is ready to go.

Check out the posters below and click one to find out all the up-to-date information and news about each film.