Emeralddragun Studios film “Soliger” premiered Nov. 15, 2021! Watch the trailer below.

“Soliger” is Executive Produced by R.A. Miller and Teresa Miller for EmeraldDragun Studios, with producer Nick Mroz for Nick Mroz Media, who also acted as Director of Photography.
HUGE THANKS to our wonderful cast: Mitch Hoak, Moriah Ruth, Ava Front, Tyler Owenby, Brooke Hoak, Russell Lincoln, Marival Parish.
And the wonderful crew: Teresa Miller, Nick Mroz, Matthew Miller ( Dood Brodious ), WelbyDelinois, Ryan Haynie, Megan Brookhart.
All BTS photos were taken by Megan Brookhart. Filmed on location at Dry Creek in Parrish, Florida.

R.A. Miller, AKA Robert Miller, is the author of the dark fantasy thriller, The Blood of Altlock. A graduate of Full Sail University with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, Robert is using his skills creating spectacular and page-turning fiction.

He founded his own publishing imprint, EmeraldDragun Studios in 2011, which currently publishes titles in the fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres. In early 2015, Robert co-founded the online news site, Deck Ape Media, which focuses on all things pop culture; as well as the site for writers by writers, 4Scribe.com, whose mission is to help writers better their craft.

R.A. Miller has experience in scriptwriting for film and television, comics, as well as writing books and short stories. Along with his own novellas in The Altlock Saga, he works as a ghostwriter and freelance editor. He is currently working on two new books, expected to be out in 2019.

The Fires of Altlock is the second book in his dark fantasy series, The Altlock Saga. Set in the fantasy world of Altlock, this second installment finds Borimar the dwarf and his friends in search of the lost city of White Rock in the dark land of Alun Doom. The group must find the city in order to wipe out the vampyre scourge and revive the dragon gods.

Rift is a science fiction story about a small crew sent to scout a newly discovered planet and whether or not it can sustain life. When the crew returns to Earth, they find their home planet gone, with only tiny pieces remaining. With no fuel and supplies running critically low, can the remaining humans survive, and what happened to their home? Head over HERE to check out R.A. Miller’s works in print and ebook.

Borimar Fulldark, a strong-willed, yet reserved dwarf is thrust into a conflict more than three hundred years old. When vampyres, a race long thought extinct invades Borimar’s home of Raven’s Hold, the gutsy dwarf must rally his companions against this unknown threat if they are to save the innocents of Raven’s Hold in time.

Halfway across the world, Albion Festus, another dwarf, is enlisting the help of a young man to find the key to a lost city. The boy is over the moon to be going on a world-saving quest, but his benefactor may not be what he claims. Now, with the world hanging in the balance from two different fronts, can Borimar and his companions stop the threat to their world, or is Altlock doomed to darkness?

Check back here for updates on Borimar, Cora, and all things related to The Altlock Saga.

Book series telling the story of college Sophmore Virgil Hudson and the demon Zara. Virgil and Zara’s destinies are linked and about to collide, bringing Heaven and Hell with them. From as early as he could remember, Virgil Hudson could see the dead. Most of the time he kept his head down and tried to ignore them.

When Virgil was 10 years old, he lost both of his parents in a terrible car accident. Virgil, who was also in the car, ended up across the street from the crash and unharmed. No one could explain how he survived.

Shortly after losing his parents, Virgil was visited by a young demon named Zara who took great pride in tormenting and scaring the young boy. Ten years later, Virgil still sees ghosts and the demon girl is still around watching over him…when she isn’t making his life difficult.

But when a demonic rival comes after Zara by attacking Virgil and his friends, will Zara stand by and watch Virgil suffer or will she jump in to protect the only human connection she has ever known?



“Soliger” is currently available on Youtube HERE. Check out the website, https://emeralddragunstudios.wixsite.com/soliger
Our film was nominated for Best Editing and Best Cinematography at the Orlando Independent Filmmakers (OIF) Chaos Challenge in October 2021. Big shout out to Nick Mroz for his hard work and dedication to this production.
The short sci-fi film was shot in Parrish, Florida Summer of 2021 at Dry Creek Productions.