R.A. Miller, AKA Robert Miller, is the writer/director of the short film “Soliger” and the author of the dark fantasy thriller, The Blood of Altlock. A graduate of Full Sail University with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, Robert is using his skills to create spectacular and page-turning fiction.

He founded his own publishing imprint, EmeraldDragun Studios in 2011, which currently publishes titles in the fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres. In early 2015, Robert co-founded the online news site, Deck Ape Media, which focused on all things pop culture; as well as the site for writers by writers, 4Scribe, whose mission is to help writers better their craft.

R.A. Miller has experience in scriptwriting for film and television, comics, as well as writing books and short stories. Along with his own novellas in The Altlock Saga, he works as a ghostwriter, freelance editor, and magazine editor. He is currently working on new titles in the “Soliger” universe and a new sci-fi novel series with his wife, Teresa Miller.

The Fires of Altlock is the second book in his dark fantasy series, The Altlock Saga. Set in the fantasy world of Altlock, this second installment finds Borimar the dwarf, and his friends in search of the lost city of White Rock in the dark land of Alun Doom. The group must find the city in order to wipe out the vampyre scourge and revive the dragon gods.

“Soliger” is the story of a lawman in a remote town on a remote planet looking for missing children. One of those missing is his own daughter, Hope. Soliger searches for the missing unaware that the evil that took his little girl may just be right under his nose.

“Chosen” tells the story of college Sophomore Virgil Hudson and the demon Zara. Virgil and Zara’s destinies are linked and about to collide. When a demonic rival comes after Zara by attacking Virgil and his friends, will Zara stand by and watch Virgil suffer or will she jump in to protect the only human connection she has ever known?