From as early as he could remember, Virgil Hudson could see the dead. He saw ghosts almost everywhere. Some attempted to speak with him but Virgil never spoke back. Most of the time he kept his head down and tried to ignore them. He didn’t understand why he could see them, only that it terrified him and he wanted nothing to do with it.

When Virgil was 10 years old, he lost both of his parents in a terrible car accident. Virgil, who was also in the car, ended up across the street from the crash and unharmed. No one could explain how he survived. With no other family to take him in, Virgil was placed into foster care.

He lived with the Taylors and five other kids in the small suburb of Lost Corners, Florida, a few miles outside of Orlando. Virgil liked the Taylors and they took good care of him. Tim was a writer and Daphne a stay-at-home mom. Virgil shared a room with the oldest, Ray Winston, who was two years older.

To help with his grief and anxiety, Virgil leaned into his artwork. He had a love of drawing from early on but after losing his parents, he used it to help him cope. Whenever he was feeling sad or depressed, he opened his sketchbook and allowed himself to get lost on the page.

Shortly after settling into his foster home, Virgil was visited by a creepy little girl who found great joy in scaring the young Virgil. She was a young demon named Zara and it was one of these encounters where Virgil learned that the power that saved him from the accident was like a beacon to the supernatural. Everything from ghosts to ghouls and even demons were all drawn to it.

Ten years later, Virgil still sees ghosts and the demon girl is still around watching over him…when she isn’t making his life difficult. He has since turned his ability to see the dead into a paranormal investigation team. Together with Ray and their best friend Peter, they investigate places that are supposed to be haunted.

But when a demonic rival comes after Zara by attacking Virgil and his friends, will Zara stand by and watch Virgil suffer or will she jump in to protect the only human connection she has ever known?